Who's Who

Name Role
Miss E Hickling Executve Headteacher
Mrs J Wellman Head of School
Mrs N Newcombe Administrator (Mon-Wed)
Mrs F Rouse Administrator (Thurs-Fri)
Hedgehogs Class Years R and 1
Mrs S Butterfield Teacher
Miss L Apps Teaching Assistant
Squirrels Class Years 2 and 3
Miss S Pettit Teacher
Mrs G Nugent Teaching Assistant
Foxes Class Years 4 and 5
Miss D Nel Teacher
Mrs K Slade Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Fincher Teaching Assistant / Midday Supervisor
Badgers Class Year 6
Mrs N Coleman Teacher (Mon-Tues) / SENCo
Mrs S Newberry Teacher (Wed-Fri)
Mr D Weller Teaching Assistant
Other Staff  
Mrs L Goodfellow PPA Teacher
Mrs J Bubb Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Wilson Midday Supervisor
Mrs D Fisher Midday Supervisor
Mr E English Caretaker / Road Crossing Patrol Officer